Strength for the Christian Journey

Does God know I love Him?

I was doing some self-reflecting and asked myself that question. I had just turned off the tv, which had been on for most of the day. The kids were asleep, spouse was watching the Mayweather fight, and I was staring at the ceiling wondering if my God, the God who has brought me through some really dark days, the God who spared my life a few times, the God who cares enough to discipline me when I’m wrong and still love me and fulfill all my needs…yea that God…does He know that I love Him too?

I believe the word love is an action word. Sure, it’s nice to hear but unless you show it then how will someone truly know that you love them? I had to turn the question around: how do I know God loves me? Well, He tells me and aside from Him sending His Son Jesus to die for my sins (John 3:16), He shows me everyday by breathing life into me; no matter what’s going on I can depend on Him for answers, guidance…He’s my best friend, the only one I can lean on who’ll never let me down. But our relationship is not a one-sided thing, it’s a 2-way street. God knows my heart, He knows how I really feel about Him but I also want Him to see my actions: how I choose to have a heart of gratitude to Him for all He’s done for me, how instead of trying to create my own paths I follow wherever He leads me, how I sing to Him & write letters to Him, or how when my pillow is calling my name promising a good nights rest I stay up just to think about Him, talk to Him, pray to Him, read His Word.

When you know someone loves you doesn’t that make you want to do nice things for them, make them happy, make them proud of you? I know I do. I don’t want to just hide my love in my heart where no one can see. I want to show the world…and who knows maybe they’ll want to get to know what my God is all about.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 gives a really great portrait of love. I believe it’s a reflection of how God loves us but also an image of how we are to love Him and others too. You don’t have to show Him your love the way I do. Maybe you’re super creative and would like to draw Him pictures or like King David you want to write songs to Him…I just want to encourage you to show Him that you love Him (in addition to telling Him because He wants to hear it too). Take whatever gift or talent you have and devote it to Him.

Be blessed.

Note: I just wanted to clarify that you wont be saved by your works (Ephesians 2:8-9). When I say show God you love Him I mean it just as an act of love or worship to Him not as an act that will get you into Heaven or give you salvation–only through accepting Christ Jesus will you receive salvation (Acts 4:12).


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